Transition Series

Indigo Series

Indigo Series


Mikado Series

1. Cyclus Solaris, mixed media with epoxy, 40x40,

Elements Series


Rainbow/Lifeline Series

Mixed Media Collages

Colors & Shapes

I find inspiration in everyday items without any obvious relationship to art. There are interesting color combinations and compositions everywhere.

Thematically, my artwork can be divided into the nature inspired: “Transition”, “Indigo”, “Elements” and “Rainbow” series, whereas “Mikado” and “Colors & Shapes” series are based on geometric compositions.

While the “Elements” series reflect the vibrancy of nature, “Transition” and “Indigo” are very soothing and inspired by the changing lights reflected by the Gulf of Mexico, which is just a short distance from where I live on Anna Maria Island. Initially, my “Rainbow” series was inspired by nature, however, the more I worked on this series, the more I felt that on a different level the colorful lines symbolize different colors and stages in life. I always thought that colors express different moods and in this series the variations of lines symbolize various stages in life. This is why I also like to call this series “Lifelines”.

I like to experiment and work with different techniques because there is always a new challenge and the result is often unpredictable. By using layers of acrylic, ink and silver leaf combined with collage and epoxy resin, I try to re-create and emphasize the vibrancy and depth of nature. My collages are more structured, which I enjoy as a contrast to the fluency of the nature-based series.

The price range of my artwork is between $350 and $5,000. All measurements are in inches.

Due to the highly reflective resin coating, my artwork is very hard to photograph and the images on the website don’t accurately show the depth and brilliance of the pieces. In order to fully appreciate the artwork, it should be seen in reality. Please contact me, or 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota about individual pieces.