My Artwork in New Home in NYC

Since I spent considerable thought, time and creativity, and of course find great enjoyment in the creation of my artwork, I always wonder what kind of home my pieces have found, once they leave my studio. 

Occasionally, I receive a photo of how and where my artwork has been installed by its new owner. I appreciate this very much and I’d like to share this one from an art collector’s home in NYC. The two pieces between the windows are the latest from my Gulf series. I hope the new owners are enjoying them.

Into The Blue – Solo Show by Bettina Sego at 530 Burns Gallery

I’m thrilled to invite you to my first solo show at 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota ” Into the Blue” featuring my latest “Gulf” series, inspired by the endless pattern forming in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Opening reception will be March 10, 6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. at 530 Burns Lane. The show will run through March 22.

How to Apply Epoxy Resin

I am frequently asked, how I apply the shiny finish on my artwork. The finish is Epoxy Resin and this is how I apply it:

After taping the edge and the underside of the of the painting, use a level and balance the painting.
Measure equal amounts of the two epoxy resin components ( I like Artresin, because it seems to be less toxic than other varieties)
 and stir for 2 minutes.


Pour the resin onto the painting and spread the resin evenly, so it covers the entire painting.






Wait for about 10 minutes and you will see that quite a few bubbles have formed in the resin.

In order to eliminate the bubbles, use a torch and swiftly move the flame over the surface of the painting, about 3-5″ away from the surface.


Repeat this step several times in about 5-10 Minute intervals until all bubbles have disappeared.

Let the painting cure for 24 hours. Redo process if new bubbles have formed during that time.

Once the surface is perfect, remove tape with the now hardened resin drips and you’ll have a clean edge and a brilliant painting.

Sego’s Mikado Tripych at Coral Springs Art Museum

I’m happy to announce that my “Mikado” series triptych is presently on display in the “Florida Artists Group” exhibition at the the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

“Mikado” is a mixed media series with collage elements, silver leaf and resin on board. The series was inspired by a stick game we used  to play. You tossed a bundle of thin sticks on the table and each player had to remove as many sticks as possible without moving any of the others. I always thought the the different configurations of the sticks looked very interesting and the idea just hit one day to use similar configurations in my artwork.

More pieces of the Mikado series are at 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota.

Mikado Triptych, copyright by Bettina SegoMikado Triptych, copyright by Bettina Sego Mikado Triptych, copyright by Bettina Sego

Exhibition at Art Miami/Spectrum

During Art Basel Week in December, I had the opportunity to exhibit my paintings at Art Miami / Spectrum. It was a great experience to be part of such a diverse and international art scene. The paintings I showed were part of my new “Lifeline” series, which can be found in my “gallery”.

On the Cover of Suncoast Living

I’m thrilled to announce that my collage “Sailing Away” was featured on the cover of “Suncoast Living”. article-suncoastsuncoast-cover

3 New Pieces in Transition Series

Three new paintings from my “Transition” Series, “Afterglow”, “Before the Storm” and “Distant Haze”, all 20×20 inches, Pigment on Aluminum with Resin. The paintings are on exhibit at Sedacca Gallery in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard.Afterglow Before the Storm Distant Haze

Bettina Sego’s artwork chosen to be Sarasota’s Music Festival’s official image

I am thrilled to announce that my collage “Sailing” was chosen to be the official image of the 2016 Sarasota Music Festival.

My artwork is available on the festival poster, program, T-shirts and note cards. The music festival started on June 6 and will end with a Vivaldi, Schubert and Mozart concert at the Sarasota Opera on June 25. I am happy to be part of such a wonderful event.

11x14 SMF art poster_frame TEST

New: Mikado Series

My new “Mikado” series. Each piece is 12×12″, mixed media with gold leaf and resin on board. You can see the originals at 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota.

Mikado 1

Mikado (Blue) I, 12×12 in, ©Bettina Sego

Mikado 2

Mikado (Blue) II, 12×12 in, ©Bettina Sego

Mikado 3

Mikado (Pink) III, 12×12 in, ©Bettina Sego

Mikado 4

Mikado (Pink) IV, 12×12 in, ©Bettina Sego

Mikado 5JPG

Mikado (Yellow) V, 12×12 in, ©Bettina Sego

Mikado 6

Mikado (Yellow) VI, 12×12 in, ©Bettina Sego

All Images © Bettina Sego

Indigo Series – New Artwork

Emerald Sea © Bettina Sego, 30x30, Mixed Media with Resin on Board

Emerald Sea © Bettina Sego, 30×30, Mixed Media with Resin on Board

Skyline Blues © Bettina Sego, 16x16, Mixed Media on Board with Resin

Skyline Blues © Bettina Sego, 16×16, Mixed Media on Board with Resin

Sunset Blues© Bettina Sego, 16x16, Mixed Media on Board with Resin (2)

Sunset Blues© Bettina Sego, 16×16, Mixed Media on Board with Resin

Above Us Only Sky, Bettina Sego, 36x36, Mixed Media on Board

Above Us Only Sky, Bettina Sego, 36×36, Mixed Media on Board

Inspired by the ever-changing light and colors of the Gulf of Mexico, I painted several more pieces in different sizes, such as “Emerald Sea”, 30×30″, “Skyline Blues” and “Sunset Blues”, 16×16″ each, as well as “Above us only Sky” which measures 36×36″