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Living on a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico, I am surrounded by water and an abundance of nature. The colors which surround me, shades of blue from the water and the sky, green from foliage and the shimmering effects of the intense sunlight greatly influence my artwork. My interpretation of nature, however, is less literal, but rather an abstract perception of the fragments and layers that give vibrancy to nature.


rainbow 4

The Series:

This vibrancy is reflected in my “Elements” series and particularly in my ‘Cycles of Nature’. These cycles have to do with how the earth renews itself, how everything in an ecosystem interacts with each other and contains the resources to regenerate itself. My pieces “Cyclus Mundialis”, Cyclus Solaris’ and ‘Cyclus Aquatis’ (Cycles of the Earth, the Sun and the Water) are inspired by these cycles.

The “Rainbow” series, as the name implies, my most colorful series, is inspired by the intensity and reflection of the color spectrum.

Above us only Sky, 36x36

“Indigo” is a continuation of the “Elements” series, however, with less detail and explores the variety of the many shades of blue.

Even more minimalist with emphasis on pure color is my latest “Transition” series, in which I emphasize the flow and graduation of color, the “transition” from intensity to transparency.

Indigo Skies

Theme and Techniques:

Mikado 08

I like to experiment and work with different techniques and materials: acrylics, inks, silver leaf and resin. Working with Collage is like painting with paper to me, but in a much more precise manner than my color field paintings; the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms and colors, thus by recycling paintings and magazines, something new is created. I like the balance of working very freely with colors, and in contrast, the precision of geometric shapes in collage. I guess it reflects my personality.

Even though my final images look very different, there is a common thread: my paintings are predominantly abstract with a particular use of shapes and colors and they incorporate elements from nature. The resin coat which I apply in the end, gives additional depth and intensity.